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ShotSpotter changes corporate name to SoundThinking and launches SafetySmart Platform for safer neighborhoods

SoundThinking™ CEO Ralph Clark on Accuracy and Our Commitment to Reducing Gun Violence

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To our SoundThinking Customers and Communities:

Over the past 25 years, SoundThinking has been at the forefront of providing tools that have proven to help protect some of our most vulnerable communities. Our acoustic gunshot detection service quickly identifies, locates and alerts police to criminal gunfire. Without these alerts, police are left hoping for a 9-1-1 call.

Studies show only 20% of gunshots result in a call to police. 

ShotSpotter® digital alerts create a better opportunity to identify the perpetrator, disrupt the cycle of gun violence and restore community trust in policing.

SoundThinking is known across the country for its high-quality, impactful solutions with our customer base. With countless stories of success aiding victims and getting repeat offenders and illegal guns off the streets, we are incredibly proud of the partnerships we have with police departments across the country. SoundThinking technology has helped to save lives, find dangerous offenders, and contribute to improving community safety.

Numerous independent reviews point to the accuracy and efficacy of ShotSpotter. While every agency has different criteria when it comes to how they file reports and use ShotSpotter, taken in totality, ShotSpotter is viewed as a critical tool in the fight against violent crime.

Our mission to combat the deadly epidemic of gun violence has been and will always be a commitment to:

  1. Making communities safer by helping police provide equal protection for all communities, particularly for neighborhoods that are most impacted by persistent gun violence.
  2. Accuracy and quality. We are proud of our second consecutive year meeting 97% accuracy across a customer base of 110 cities.
  3. Providing our law enforcement customers with a valuable service that makes a difference and helps them to better protect and serve their communities.

Every day, we work passionately to enable law enforcement to better respond to violent crime, bring consequences to serial offenders and make all communities safer. We appreciate your partnership in fighting gun violence.


Ralph A. Clark

President and CEO

To learn more about how to leverage SoundThinking’s SafetySmart Platform to keep your community safe, please get in touch with us.

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