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Security experts exploring the best touchless security screening systems to safeguard casinos, hospitals, corporate sites, and schools, should consider weapons detection systems because of the following challenges:

  • Conventional security checks leading to prolonged queues can disrupt the seamless functioning of commercial operations and detrimentally affect employee and client satisfaction.
  • Public safety is currently a paramount concern. Nevertheless, visitor experience also holds significant importance. When individuals encounter a metal detector or weapon screening setup, especially unexpectedly, it can induce a feeling of discomfort.
  • During high-stakes situations such as active shooter events, the immediate availability of integrated video footage is crucial—a feature frequently absent in conventional security systems.
  • Security departments require a public safety solution that is both cost-effective and proficient in its accuracy. A standard metal detector may demand the involvement of two to five individuals for operation, posing a notable strain on the budget.
  • In “no firearm” zones, identifying visitors or employees carrying weapons and posing a threat proves challenging. Minimizing false alarms is paramount to prevent panic, and ensure security systems only respond to genuine threats.
  • Many metal detectors and similar systems employ active sensors, posing risks to individuals with medical devices like pacemakers. Additionally, numerous systems have narrow lanes that are incompatible with wheelchairs.
  • The integration of an external vendor’s cloud-based system into an existing IT infrastructure can be intimidating, involving internal processes and procedures.

Note: SoundThinking’s SafePointe weapons detection system was built to solve all the pain points listed above. You can read about it in detail below or reach out to our sales team to learn more about how it can help improve security operations.

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SafePointe Weapons Detection System

The SafePointe Weapons Detection System is a sophisticated AI-based solution, specifically tailored for inconspicuous and effective touchless security screening. Engineered to precisely detect individuals carrying weapons while minimizing false alarms, SafePointe is well-suited for high-traffic environments. With the capability to process an impressive 7,200 people per hour in each lane, it stands out for its efficiency. Utilizing non-intrusive, passive sensors ensures compatibility with diverse visitor needs, including those with medical devices. Not only does SafePointe offer economic advantages, but it also reduces the reliance on additional security personnel, showcasing its cost-effectiveness and operational prowess.

Key Feature # 1: Up to 20 Times Faster Than Conventional Metal Detectors Without Any Interruption to Visitor Flow

Traditional metal detectors are estimated to screen 300-400 people per hour, depending on factors such as the venue and situation. Evolv Technology’s Evolv Express solution claims to significantly improve this, screening up to 4,000 people per hour. However, these systems can lead to long queues, frustrated visitors, and inefficient security operations.


In contrast, the SafePointe system stands out by screening up to 7,200 patrons every hour, surpassing traditional metal detectors by over 20 times and outpacing Evolv Express by almost 2 times, depending on the use case and available security resources.

These performance metrics are contingent on the specific circumstances of each location, but the primary advantage of SafePointe lies in its free-flow touchless security screening technology, ensuring a seamless passage for visitors.

This advantage serves a dual purpose. For visitors, the entrance experience becomes more pleasant, eliminating the need to stop, empty pockets, or remove belts. They can simply walk through without the usual anxieties associated with traditional security checks.

For security personnel, the process becomes more streamlined. SafePointe’s capacity to screen up to 7,200 patrons per hour allows them to manage larger crowds more effectively, ensuring safety without compromising efficiency.

In comparison to competitors like Evolv Express, with its maximum screening capacity of 4,000 people per hour SafePointe’s superior performance (more than a 40% difference) becomes even more evident. 

Key Feature #2: Covert Weapons Detection System Upholds Public Safety Without Disturbing Foot Traffic

Unlike traditional metal detector systems, which are frequently conspicuous and can make visitors uncomfortable, the SafePointe system prioritizes discretion. It is commonly deployed as inconspicuous bollards or seamlessly integrated into existing structures, ensuring a seamless blend with the environment.


SafePointe enables patrons to enter venues freely without the overwhelming presence of conspicuous security measures. Its discreet design ensures an added layer of public safety without compromising the ambiance or the comfort of visitors.

Key Feature # 3: Streamlined, Video-Enhanced Notifications for Security and Investigations

SafePointe’s incorporation of video-enhanced notifications marks a substantial advancement in facility safety. The system promptly transmits categorized alerts, accompanied by video footage, to the security team within a mere ten seconds of identifying a potential threat.

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The touchless security screening technology goes beyond mere detection, offering real-time intelligence crucial for swift decision-making. SafePointe adopts a ‘human in the loop’ approach, ensuring that threats are not only identified but also promptly analyzed and categorized. This provides security teams with the necessary information for rapid and well-informed responses, optimizing safety in a corporate setting.

Furthermore, the capability to capture and relay video footage in real time proves invaluable for both immediate security responses and subsequent investigations. This feature is indispensable in a corporate environment where evidence-based decision-making and accountability are paramount. The integration of video enhances SafePointe’s effectiveness as a comprehensive security solution, ensuring that hospitals, corporate facilities, casinos, schools, and more are potentially shielded from threats but also equipped with the tools essential for post-incident analysis and legal documentation.

Key Feature # 4: Cost-Effective and Self-Sufficient Operations

SafePointe’s cutting-edge Magnetic Moment sensor technology serves as a fundamental element in its cost-effectiveness and autonomous functionality. Leveraging sophisticated algorithms and an extensive weapon signature database, the system intelligently discerns between genuine threats and harmless objects. This AI-driven operation operates independently, substantially diminishing the requirement for ongoing on-site monitoring common in traditional security setups. Additionally, it benefits from expert supervision by remote analysts, blending technological precision with human discernment.

Given today’s diverse realm of security requirements, where conventional, personnel-reliant systems may prove inadequate, SafePointe provides continuous, 24/7 surveillance. This steadfast vigilance is crucial, ensuring not only adherence to rigorous security protocols but also fostering a feeling of security and confidence throughout the organization.

SafePointe’s economical Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is pivotal for corporate financial planning, especially for those overseeing constrained budgets. Its cost-effectiveness is amplified by its independent operation, mitigating the requirement for an extensive security staff. SoundThinking additionally accommodates budgetary considerations by presenting SafePointe through a flexible, subscription-based model with choices for different terms. This strategy aligns with corporate financial strategies, providing a technologically advanced yet financially prudent solution.

Key Feature # 5: Improved Precision and Reduced Instances of False Positives

Unlike metal detectors, which may register high rates of false positives, SafePointe consistently maintains an impressively low false positive rate.

SafePointe distinguishes itself in the field of security technology through its AI-driven approach. By leveraging a vast database comprising over 14 million weapon signatures, the system exhibits an extraordinary depth of knowledge. This extensive database is dynamic; the SafePointe AI/ML continuously learns and adapts. As threats evolve and new weapon types emerge, the system updates its knowledge, remaining at the forefront of threat detection. This ongoing learning capability, combined with its expansive database, ensures that SafePointe effectively discerns between genuine threats and everyday items, minimizing false alarms and maximizing public safety.


Consider a scenario in a bustling school environment where students frequently carry metal objects like phones, keys, or laptops. Traditional metal detectors and Evolv Express might trigger alarms for these common items, causing unnecessary panic and disruption. However, with SafePointe’s advanced system, the vast database and continuous learning ability will help filter out many of these benign objects so that actual threats have a high probability of being flagged. This not only fosters a more peaceful environment but also allows security personnel to concentrate on genuine threats without being inundated by frequent false alarms.

Key Feature # 6: Passive Sensors Promote Security While Prioritizing Visitor Wellbeing

SafePointe sets itself apart by incorporating Magnetic Moment sensors, a passive technology that distinguishes it from traditional active metal detectors. This feature makes it exceptionally well-suited for diverse corporate environments, ensuring the safety of all individuals, including those with specific health considerations such as medical implants. By utilizing this non-intrusive technology, SafePointe ensures robust security while prioritizing visitor well-being, an essential element in establishing a secure yet accommodating environment. Additionally, the non-intrusive design of the bollards facilitates easy passage for individuals in wheelchairs, a contrast to traditional metal detectors with restrictive, narrow lanes.

Key Feature # 7: System Operates Autonomously Without Reliance on Your Main Network

Although the SP system can integrate with your Video Management System (VMS) or other security platforms, it is intentionally engineered to operate independently of your network. This feature is particularly appreciated by IT professionals. Our AI system and sensors are connected to and transmit alerts through the Cloud, using a web portal interface or a Smartphone App.

A Checklist for Assessing the Best Touchless Security Screening System

  • Evaluate the system’s ability to manage the high volume of foot traffic commonly seen in corporate settings, ensuring minimal congestion and the smooth flow of business operations.
  • Examine whether the system seamlessly integrates with existing security strategies and technologies, fostering a comprehensive approach to safety.
  • Verify if the system provides real-time, video-enhanced alerts that offer actionable intelligence for prompt response.
  • Assess whether the system supports streamlined, unmanned operations, aligning with financial goals by reducing the reliance on extensive security staffing.
  • Ascertain the system’s precision and its effectiveness in minimizing false positives, a crucial aspect for sustaining a professional corporate environment without unnecessary disruptions.
  • Ensure that the sensors are passive and comply with corporate health and safety standards, prioritizing the well-being of all individuals, including those with specific health conditions.
  • Verify whether the system operates independently of your main network.

Elevating Security with SafePointe

In a time where robust security is not merely a choice but an imperative, SafePointe stands out as the top-tier solution. Tailored for high-traffic environments like hospitals, casinos, corporate settings, and schools its advanced technology caters to the demand for operational efficiency while preserving a conducive environment.

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