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Addressing Gun Violence with SoundThinking in Latin America

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SoundThinking is committed to helping address gun violence in Latin America. Today, SoundThinking announced the deployment of ShotSpotter acoustic gunshot detection technology in Montevideo, the capital city of Uruguay. The deployment marks the expansion of ShotShotter into the large Latin American market.


Nicolás Martinelli

“We’re excited to announce our partnership with SoundThinking for the implementation of the ShotSpotter system in Montevideo,” said Nicolás Martinelli, Minister of the Interior of Uruguay. “Gunshot detection is a key part of our strategy for enhancing public safety by promptly identifying gunshot sounds and enabling quick police response. We believe this partnership will complement our other violence reduction efforts and help make communities safer.”

ShotSpotter will be incorporated into the current technology infrastructure in Montevideo to enhance the police response to gun violence. This integration will involve the utilization of existing tools such as video cameras and the city’s computer-aided dispatch system. The implementation of this system aligns with Uruguay’s broader strategy to tackle the rising issue of gun violence among the approximately 1.38 million residents of Montevideo. Additionally, a Spanish-language version of the ShotSpotter InSight application will be introduced as part of the deployment to cater to the specific needs of regional users.

“We are thrilled to bring SoundThinking’s public safety technology to Latin America,” said Ralph Clark, President and CEO of SoundThinking. “This deployment reflects our commitment to providing innovative solutions for public safety in places that need it, and our goal of making neighborhoods safer worldwide.”

With this partnership, SoundThinking is committed to helping address gun violence in Latin America and looks forward to the possibility of supporting other countries in the region.

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