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5 Reasons Why Your Agency Needs Crime Analytics Software

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The information you need to solve many of your cases may reside in your agency’s existing systems, but how can you quickly connect the dots across multiple software applications and document formats?

And what if the needed information actually resides in the next jurisdiction over — or in another state? The answer is crime analytics software, which can quickly make sense of vast quantities of data to help every level of law enforcement improve decision-making and solve today’s most complex crimes.  Below are the top five reasons your law enforcement agency needs to use crime analytics software.

1. Access a Comprehensive Network With Meaningful Data

With the right technology, you can access all of your agency’s data — along with data from thousands of participating agencies across the United States — with a single, easy-to-use tool.

CrimeTracer™ deploys the largest, most powerful network of users, information, and technology in American law enforcement. With over 1 billion documents from thousands of agencies coast to coast in our network, we provide law enforcement with the most comprehensive set of meaningful data. 

2. Find Relevant Information Quickly.

When solving crimes, every second counts, CrimeTracer returns results in seconds — from across your agency’s police databases and related data types as well as across the county, state, and country — regardless of technology, document type, or data format.

Our proprietary software connectors seamlessly collect and normalize data from a variety of law enforcement information systems and databases, including RMS, CAD, arrest and booking systems, NIBIN shell casing reports, vehicular data, Thomson Reuters CLEAR records, and more.

3. Connect Seemingly Unrelated Data

In addition to quickly finding relevant information, you need to be able to quickly make sense of it. That’s why we combined our powerful search capabilities with CrimeTracer’s advanced analytics and reporting in a single platform.

The tool’s ability to find associations between vague descriptions (Person, Vehicle, Location, Gang, Firearm, etc.) can help you narrow down your search results and isolate relevant data. Analysis and visualization features display geographic relationships between incidents, as well as animate the progression of incidents over time using mapping, analytical, graphing, and charting tools.

4. Identify Patterns, Trends, and Hot Spots

With our robust crime analytics, analysts can better perform entity resolution, link analysis, and intelligence production without traditional geospatial, temporal, or technical restrictions. Investigators can glean actionable insights, in real-time, that help identify crime trends and prevent criminal activity.

By centralizing and applying complex analytics across vast data sets, CrimeTracer can help your staff more easily identify patterns, anomalies, and outliers with the following tools.

  • Timeline, hotspot, and geospatial analysis
  • Visualization tools, including link charts, one-click heat maps, and 3-D visualizations
  • Interactive tag clouds and timelines
  • Customizable dashboards and reporting

Better Allocate Limited Resources

Quick access to relevant information improves situational awareness for law enforcement users at all levels. As a result, law enforcement can collaborate more effectively and solve crimes more quickly — freeing up limited resources for other cases.

CrimeTracer key performance indicators help agencies conduct more effective statistical analysis across all available data. A collection of geographic information systems (GIS), statistical graphs, charting, and analytical tools work with the rich CrimeTracer database to help agencies leverage their data and better allocate resources. 

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Joel SteMarie is the Director of CrimeTracer Customer Success at SoundThinking. As a career law enforcement...Show More
Joel SteMarie is the Director of CrimeTracer Customer Success at SoundThinking. As a career law enforcement technologist, strategist, and evangelist, he has spent the last quarter-century advocating for law enforcement effectiveness and officer safety through the use of advanced technologies. Show Less

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