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Soundthinking Signs More Than $8 Million In New & Expansion Contracts For Shotspotter And Safetysmart Tools

Summary: Leading provider of public safety technologies SoundThinking, Inc. today announced more than $8 million in new contracts and expansions for the deployment of ShotSpotter, the nation’s leading acoustic gunshot detection technology, as well as other investigative tools from the company’s SafetySmart platform. These contracts include new technology deployments in Suffolk County, NY, Erie, PA and Montgomery County, PA, along with the expansion of coverage areas in Cleveland, OH.

Fremont, Calif., April 25, 2023 – SoundThinking, Inc. (Nasdaq: SSTI) (formerly ShotSpotter, Inc.), a leading public safety technology company that combines data-driven solutions and strategic advisory services for law enforcement and community assistance groups, today announced more than $8 million in new contracts and contract expansions. The largest of the new customer contracts is a $4.7 million multi-year re-deployment of ShotSpotter – SoundThinking’s flagship acoustic gunshot detection system – in Suffolk County, New York.

Suffolk County’s original ShotSpotter deployment ended in December 2018 after six years of service. Under the new contract, ShotSpotter technology will be deployed across 22 square miles of the county, almost three times the size of the county’s original ShotSpotter deployment. The system is designed to alert law enforcement to virtually all gunfire within the ShotSpotter coverage area within 60 seconds, helping to reduce police response times and save lives.

The re-deployment of ShotSpotter comes on the heels of a 2022 agreement by the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office to adopt CaseBuilder (formerly Investigate), SoundThinking’s centralized cloud-based investigation management software that helps detectives investigate crimes more efficiently and effectively. CaseBuilder helps crime investigators by organizing and storing case information, tracking and prioritizing assignments, and optimizing resources.

“Bringing back ShotSpotter to Suffolk County was a Day 1 priority as part of a coordinated information-driven approach to stopping gun violence,” said District Attorney Raymond A. Tierney.


Suffolk District Attorney Raymond A. Tierney.

“This technology will allow police to get to the scene much more quickly following gunfire, which will save lives. Investigators from my office and the SCPD will use ShotSpotter to solve crimes and prevent future shootings. Every time a gun is fired illegally in Suffolk County, we will investigate and find those who threaten the safety of our citizens.”

Additional selected new contracts for SoundThinking also include:

  • A new two-year, $910,000 contract with the city of Erie in Northwest Pennsylvania. ShotSpotter will be deployed across a six-square-mile area of the city after unanimous approval from Erie’s City Council.
  • A new two-year, $434,000 contract with Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The County District Attorney’s Office first adopted CaseBuilder, which led to the agreement to deploy ShotSpotter in Pottstown and Norristown, Pennsylvania.
  • A three-year, $2.1 million expansion in Cleveland, Ohio. This new phase covers an additional 10 square miles across the city, representing a four-fold increase in ShotSpotter coverage. Over 33% of the expansion miles have been taken live and are operational.

Additionally, the previously-announced 31 square mile, three-year, $7 million expansion in Detroit, representing a five-fold increase of ShotSpotter coverage, has gone live. This makes Detroit, with a total of 37 miles of coverage, SoundThinking’s third largest ShotSpotter deployment behind Chicago and New York City.

SoundThinking’s CEO Ralph Clark added: “We are very excited to announce these new and expanded engagements and Detroit’s go-live with our law enforcement partners in communities across the United States. These communities have made the critical decision to make their neighborhoods safer by equipping law enforcement with cutting-edge technology that enables policing to be more efficient, effective and equitable.”

ShotSpotter and CaseBuilder are part of the SoundThinking SafetySmart platform, bringing together specialized software and objective data to help law enforcement and civic leadership better protect their communities. To learn more about SoundThinking’s full range of public safety solutions, visit

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