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ShotSpotter Showcases its Gunfire Detection Solutions for Airports & Universities at ISC WEST

Active Shooter Alarm Helps Save Lives and Aids First Responders

Newark, Calif. –April 4, 2017 – ShotSpotter, Inc. the leader in gunfire detection and location technology, today announced it will showcase its ShotSpotter SiteSecure solution for airports and transportation hubs at the ISC West conference.  SiteSecure provides critical outdoor infrastructure protection against active shooter attacks.  In addition, the company will feature its SST SecureCampus solution, a gunfire detection system designed to provide both outdoor coverage at university and school campuses.  ShotSpotter will be exhibiting at ISC West at the Sands Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 5–7, 2017 in Booth #7131.

Ideal for airports and transportation hubs, SiteSecure is a unique gunfire detection system that quickly alerts Airport Security Operations’ Center personnel and law enforcement first responders, enabling them to respond more quickly to an attack, with key information that can help save lives.  In less than ten seconds, SiteSecure delivers critical information such as the number of shots fired, a detailed map of the airport or transportation facility, with the shooting location clearly identified.  SiteSecure also provides law enforcement and transportation facility management with real-time information that can be useful to identify and address false alarms and reduce mass panic.

“In addition to protecting travelers against a possible active shooter attack, airport and other transportation hub security professionals today are challenged to deal with false alarms that can spread misinformation quickly, leading to mass panic, injuries and costly operation delays and closures,” said Damaune Journey, Vice President of Security Solutions for ShotSpotter.  “Our SiteSecure solution is designed to help airport security validate an incident and deliver information quickly so that security personnel can help keep travelers safe in the event of an active shooter incident or a false alarm.”

At ISC West, ShotSpotter will also showcase its SST SecureCampus solution, designed for college campuses and K-12 schools.  SST SecureCampus provides gunfire detection, precise location and number of shooters to first responders and school personnel, enabling faster response to an incident. The solution can be implemented both inside campus buildings and across outdoor campus areas to help mitigate losses from unpredictable active shooter attacks.  SST SecureCampus is already in use at many colleges from Florida to California.
Journey added, “Our SST SecureCampus solution works much like a fire alarm in an active shooter situation by alerting security professionals and first responders more quickly.  In these types of incidents, every second counts, and time saved equals lives saved. “