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10,424,048: Systems and methods involving creation and/or utilization of image mosaic in classification of acoustic events



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Systems and methods that yield highly-accurate classification of acoustic and other non-image events, involving pre-processing data from one or more transducers and generating a visual representation of the source as well as associated features and processing, are disclosed. According to certain exemplary implementations herein, such pre-processing steps may be utilized in situations where 1) all impulsive acoustic events have many features in common due to their point source origin and impulsive nature, and/or 2) the error rates that are considered acceptable in general purpose image classification are much higher than the acceptable levels in automatic impulsive incident classification. Further, according to some aspects, the data may be pre-processed in various ways, such as to remove extraneous or irrelevant details and/or perform any required rotation, alignment, scaling, etc. tasks, such that these tasks do not need to be “learned” in a less direct and more expensive manner in the neural network.

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