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ShotSpotter’s first assessment showed that only 28% of gunshot incidents are reported to 911

February 21, 2024

El Observador and numerous other outlets reported on initial results from Uruguay’s recent deployment of ShotSpotter, and so far, the system has proven to be highly effective. In the two months since activation, ShotSpotter has produced 320 alerts, helping police locate 8 gunshot wound victims and seize numerous firearms, vehicles and drugs, according to the country’s Ministry of the Interior. They also reported that out of all of those alerts, only 28 received accompanying 911 calls, a rate of less than 9%. The U.S. Ambassador to Uruguay, Heide B. Fulton, was on hand for the presentation and was among those touting the early results. “The use of ShotSpotter technology represents a significant step in the prevention and response to violent incidents,” she said. “This initiative is a clear testimony of how we can work together in the search for innovative solutions to contemporary challenges.”