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New ShotSpotter program designed to involve residents in reporting gunfire

March 12, 2024

The Albuquerque Journal reported on a program launched by the Albuquerque Police Department called SHOT (ShotSpotter Hotspot Organized Tracking) that aims to increase resident involvement in areas with high numbers of gunshot detections. The pilot program started in the Southeast Area Command and led to a 47% decrease in gunshot detections from January to February. Specifically, it involves sending letters to residents about increased gunshots, handing out yard signs, follow-up by detectives and camera teams, and gathering community information even in areas without ShotSpotter coverage. According to APD spokeswoman Franchesca Perdue, the program aims to use data in a unique way “so even in areas without ShotSpotter coverage, we’re still reaching out to the community to gather information to address shots fired.”