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Law Enforcement

How SoundThinking’s CEO Ralph Clark Took His Company Public To Address Safety Crises In At-Risk Communities

February 9, 2024

AfroTech, an organization dedicated to empowering Black tech professionals and entrepreneurs, published an article based on a recent interview with Ralph Clark. Notably, the piece covers how Ralph transformed then-ShotSpotter’s business model – making gunshot detection more affordable for at-risk communities – and today, how SoundThinking’s Data for Good program is helping communities tackle gun violence “I think there’s an amazing opportunity for policing…to leverage digital transformation…to make policing be more efficient and effective,” he explained. “In our case, we have another thing that we’re after too, and that is making it more equitable… in terms of how they’re leaning in to co-produce with communities on public safety outcomes and doing it on an equitable basis.”