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Gunshot-Detection Tech Has Saved Hundreds of Lives. The Left Says It’s Racist

March 29, 2024

The National Review published an in-depth look at ShotSpotter. The piece highlights the fact that despite hyperbole from anti-police activists that the tech is “racist,” residents of high-crime areas value the system and credit it with saving lives. The article includes stories like Joshua Junior Carter’s, rescued after 40 minutes due to a ShotSpotter alert, and perspectives from leaders like Pastor Donovan Price, who uses the alerts to respond and provide trauma-informed care to victims after shootings. it also includes insights from Paul Vallas, the runner-up to Brandon Johnson in the 2023 Chicago Mayoral Election. ” If you can accuse a technology of being racist…you have a better shot at getting what you want,” he explains pointing to the activist’s frequent claims. “We’ve seen this in every aspect of the criminal justice reform debate…It is indisputable, indisputable that ShotSpotter saves lives.”