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The City of Syracuse, a Reinstated ShotSpotter Customer, Credits the Technology with Remarkable Reduction in Gun Violence

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In the City of Syracuse, the issue of gun violence loomed large. With determination and innovation, the Syracuse Police Department (SPD) has discovered a potent ally in their battle against this epidemic: ShotSpotter, the advanced software solution from SoundThinking that swiftly alerts police to the precise locations of gunshot incidents within seconds of the shots being fired.

The SPD first implemented ShotSpotter in 2017, briefly pausing usage due to budget cuts during the pandemic. The pause, says First Deputy Chief Richard Shoff Jr., was a “disaster.” Thanks to resounding community support and the advocacy of the Mayor of Syracuse, ShotSpotter was reinstated in 2021 with an expanded coverage area, breathing new life into the city’s safety initiatives.

The return of ShotSpotter was met with widespread approval from the community. Linda Wood, a long-time resident of Syracuse, expressed her satisfaction to the media: “I think it’s great, especially with the shooting the other night, I think it’s wonderful.” Wood lives on a street where gun violence nearly took the life of a six-year-old boy in 2019. ShotSpotter enabled the swift response of police, who were able to rescue the child from the shooter and treat his wounds until EMS arrived. The District Attorney of Onondaga praised the SPD’s prompt action, calling it some of their finest work.


Reduction in the number of gunshot wounds


Decrease in shooting incidents resulting in injury or fatality


Reduction in the number of gunshots fired

By pinpointing the location of gunfire in real-time, ShotSpotter gets police on the scene rapidly, allowing them to save lives, apprehend shooters, and gather evidence. First Deputy Chief Shoff Jr. notes that ShotSpotter has enabled the SPD to respond to and uncover evidence of 35% more shootings compared to when they rely on 9-1-1 calls alone.

We have found [ShotSpotter] to be an invaluable tool. If you look at the numbers, we’re coming off with about 40% less in shots fired, and 67% less people shot when compared that last year… ShotSpotter is an important part of that.

Public Information Officer, Syracuse Police Department
How ShotSpotter Benefits Syracuse Police Department
ShotSpotter ensures that responders notified quickly with a precise location so that they can arrive on scene swiftly and provide emergency medical care to victims to help save lives.
Crime reduction relies on creating case momentum and ShotSpotter’s precise alerts enable enhanced evidence collection to boost investigations and prosecution.
The SPD’s responsiveness and effectiveness at the scene of gunfire helps deter future incidents and builds trust with the community.

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