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The City of Springfield is tackling gun violence with a public health approach that leverages SoundThinking’s Data for Good program. Sharing data from ResourceRouter and ShotSpotter with relevant organizations and stakeholders, this community-based program identifies areas where gunfire and trauma are likely to occur, helping the city deploy resources where and when they’re needed most.

The Community Connections event was intentionally located in a high-risk area identified by Data for Good using ResourceRouter data. In October 2022, over 100 city employees and external organizations collaborated to provide resources to residents. The Department of Public Works led clean-up efforts, while partnerships with Springfield Public Schools extended support to at-risk youths through programs like Family and Community Engagement and The Outlet.


Cleaned blocks


Residents were reached through door-to-door outreach


Local and national organizations engaged to address residential needs

Building on these initiatives, Mayor Misty Buscher’s BUILD Springfield initiative launched in October 2023. Strategically targeting areas identified by Data for Good, the initiative’s launch event provided a diverse range of services to underscore the city’s commitment to helping those affected by crime. Since it began, the initiative has cleaned 55+ blocks, conducted door-to-door outreach with 85+ residents, and has engaged 35+ local and national organizations to address residential needs.

In Springfield, Data for Good is facilitating a comprehensive approach to violence prevention by pooling resources and expertise. As Chief of Police Ken Scarlette explains, these events have the goal of “revitalizing this specific area [and] showing the most vulnerable residents of our community that we truly care about them and are willing to give them the services that they need.”

How SoundThinking Benefits the City of Springfield
Through actionable data and analytics, Data for Good supports evidence-based decisions, helping allocate interventions that address real needs and reduce gun violence.
The program fosters collaboration among city agencies, external organizations, and community members, leading to more effective strategies for addressing gun violence.
Data from sources like ResourceRouter and ShotSpotter help pinpoint high-risk areas, guiding resource allocation for maximum impact on community safety.

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