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The Glendale Police Department (GPD) has relied on SoundThinking technology to address the persistent issue of gun violence in their community since 2001. Just months into 2024, ShotSpotter continues to demonstrate its indispensable role supporting law enforcement. Through swiftly alerting the department to gunfire incidents, it facilitates faster response time, evidence collection, suspect identification, and successful case resolution.

At the end of 2023, 9-1-1 calls alerted authorities to multiple rounds of gunfire originating from a vacant lot in a west Glendale neighborhood. The GPD launched a thorough investigation, returning to the scene multiple times, and recovering a total of 139 shell casings. After New Year’s Eve, an additional 22 shell casings were found at the same location, with ShotSpotter logging the gunfire incident precisely on January the 1st at 3:13am. This crucial timestamp facilitated the retrieval of footage from a nearby camera, confirming the discharge of 22 rounds and providing vital details about a suspect vehicle. Utilizing data obtained by ShotSpotter, law enforcement successfully apprehended the individual responsible for the gunfire.

In March 2024, ShotSpotter once again proved its effectiveness when it alerted the GPD to nine gunshots fired in the backyard of a home in Glendale. The swift notification enabled officers to respond immediately, intercepting a suspect attempting to flee the scene with an empty holster. Further investigation uncovered shell casings scattered across the backyard, prompting officers –with homeowner consent – to enter the home where they found a pistol concealed beneath a sofa cushion. Leveraging NIBIN, officers successfully matched the recovered shell casings with the firearm. As Detective Brian Piech explained, ShotSpotter “allowed a timely response for the officers to get there and detain an investigative lead which turned into the suspect who was booked into jail.”

How ShotSpotter Benefits Glendale Police Department
Rapid Response
ShotSpotter provides first responders with precise shooting locations in near-real time which allows them to arrive on scene swiftly and collect evidence, detain suspects, and provide emergency medical care to victims.
Evidence Collection
Crime reduction relies on creating case momentum, and ShotSpotter’s precise alerts enable thorough evidence collection and NIBIN corroboration that can boost investigations and enable prosecution.
Stronger Community Relations
Faster response times help deter and reduce gun violence, helping the GPD reassure and build trust with the community.

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