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SafePointe is Keeping Weapons Out of Florida-Based Hospital

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Hospitals across the United States are facing a growing challenge: unauthorized weapons are finding their way onto their premises, notably on wheelchairs, gurneys, and through ambulance bays. Recognizing the urgent need for enhanced security measures, a Florida-based hospital has implemented SafePointe™, a state-of-the-art weapons detection system by SoundThinking.

SafePointe has revolutionized the hospital’s security screening procedures, offering a robust solution that discreetly identifies weapons and enables rapid response from roaming security personnel. Upon arrival, all individuals must pass by SafePointe bollards stationed at the front desk for check-in. Unlike conventional metal detectors, which often evoke a sense of unease, SafePointe’s technology is housed within inconspicuous bollards that create unobtrusive screening lanes capable of accommodating not only individuals but also wheelchairs and gurneys. Should the system detect a potential threat, an alert is relayed to the security operations center, which prompts a coordinated response. Staff at the front desk engage the individual, temporarily delaying them until security arrives to conduct a secondary screening.

Since the implementation of SafePointe, the Florida hospital has successfully identified a variety of weapons concealed on individuals, wheelchairs, and gurneys. The technology’s ability to discern weapon signatures from their unique magnetic profiles is essential amidst the increasing prevalence of such diverse concealment methods. Using SafePointe, the hospital is addressing security challenges, ensuring the safety of its patients and staff without compromising the quality of care provided.

How SafePointe Benefits the Florida-Based Hospital
SafePointe identifies weapons concealed in various ways, ensuring thorough screening. It can detect weapons inside bags, backpacks, and even on gurneys and wheelchairs.
The natural walk-through entrance can accommodate up to 7200 people per hour per lane, ensuring that enhanced security measures do not disrupt hospital operations.
SafePointe seamlessly integrates with the hospital’s existing security procedures, aler- ting roaming security personnel to potential threats as they arise without the need for additional staff.

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