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ShotSpotter® for Campus Helps Keep World-Class West Coast University Safe

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A late night shooting incident in a popular bar area near a world-class West Coast university was swiftly contained and two suspects apprehended thanks to coordinated efforts by campus and city police, aided by ShotSpotter® for Campus. The shooting occurred Saturday, shortly after campus bars and restaurants had closed. Thousands of students live in the area.


2:40 AM  A nearby city police officer hears shots fired and then radios dispatch: “Shots fired. Sounds like it came from the park.” Officers begin to proceed in the direction of the park. The park is several blocks from campus.


2:41 AM  Campus police receive a ShotSpotter alert indicating 14 shots fired at a precise location two blocks from the park where the city officer mistakenly believes the shooting occurred. Campus police radio the correct location.


Nine seconds later, another ShotSpotter alert indicates two shots fired. The actual location is only One block from campus.


2:43 AM  Campus and city police speed to the ShotSpotter alert location in time to collect evidence and interview key witnesses before they disperse.


Using witness descriptions, police arrest a second suspect within a few hours. Medical personnel treat victims. Injuries sustained are not life-threatening.

With this one event we certainly got our money’s worth out of ShotSpotter.

Campus Police Chief
The ShotSpotter Gunshot Alerts Enabled
Faster response to the shooting incident
Accurate location of gunshots
Law enforcement to arrive on the scene in time to interview witnesses, leading to quick apprehension of suspects
Discovery and collection of shell casings at two shooting locations
Immediate medical aid given to all three gunshot victims

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