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ShotSpotter Helps Mansfield PD Respond Quickly and Save Lives in First Month of Use

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Like many smaller cities, Mansfield was increasingly dealing with a big-city problem of gun violence that challenged its law enforcement resources and concerned the community. The most significant issue was ensuring a fast response and knowing when and where an incident occurred. To address this, the Mansfield Police Department (MPD) decided to deploy SoundThinking’s ShotSpotter gunshot detection system with the goals of accelerating responsiveness, reducing gun crime and creating a safer community.


In the first month, ShotSpotter provided 30 critical alerts of gunshot incidents totaling 88 rounds fired. In one instance, an alert enabled a li fesaving response to a shooting incident involving multiple gunshots. In less than 60 seconds, officers were dispatched to the pinpointed location, arriving quickly with awareness to stop a fleeing vehicle and respond to two victims suffering from serious gunshot wounds.


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MPD officials believe the swift action made the lifesaving difference in officers attending to the injured. One gunshot victim located in a nearby front yard was bleeding profusely from a leg wound and going in and out of consciousness. The attending officer applied a tourniquet to stop the bleeding until emergency medical support arrived. The other victim was found in distress in a car with at least two gunshot wounds.

An additional crime-reducing benefit of ShotSpotter is how it is helping the agency improve evidence collection. With a faster response to the scene, officers are more likely to identify and talk to witnesses and more accurately find key evidence such as shell casings or firearms for the crime lab.

ShotSpotter definitely increases the probability of evidence, victims and suspects being located.

Police Chief KEITH PORCH,
Mansfield Police Department
How ShotSpotter Benefits Mansfield Police Department
Timely tactical information about gunshot incidents helps improve law enforcement’s responsiveness and effectiveness at the scene.
ShotSpotter ensures responders are notified quickly so they can arrive swiftly to attend to victims and help save lives.
Crime reduction relies on thorough evidence collection and ShotSpotter’s real-time alerts boost success and follow through to investigations and prosecution.

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