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a group of people holding signs and wearing masks
Police-Community Relations: A Historical Overview
To start improving police-community relations, we must get to the root of the problem, which is mistrust...
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Calling All Leaders: Crime Gun Intelligence Strategies, Now!
In terms of seeking justice for the victims, resolution for their loved ones and peace for their neighbors,...
a group of young people walking down a street
ShotSpotter® the Ideal Tool to Bolster Police-Community Engagement
Police-community engagement is now recognized as an important part of every law enforcement agency’s...
a man in a police uniform standing in the street
How to Improve Investigation Clearance Rates with Federal Funding
Naturally, improving clearance rates is a top priority for every law enforcement agency. Not only does...
a close up of an american flag
How to Maximize Agency Resources with Federal Funding
In a recent PERF survey, 48% of police agencies reported budget and staffing shortages. Resource constraints...
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SoundThinking’s™ Response to Associated Press Article
Update: The Associated Press has joined a growing list of media outlets that have retracted, corrected,...
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Gunshot Detection Technology Proves to be Tip of the Spear for Smart Crime Gun Intelligence
Gun violence is a severe problem in this country, but after the tumultuous year of 2020 it has exploded...
a man holding the hand of a young boy
The American Rescue Act Can Help Your Agency Fund Crime Reducing Technology
As the U.S. recovers from COVID-19, gun crime is surging to historically high levels. Recognizing the...
a woman in a military uniform using a computer
Is Your Crime Analysis Program Robust Enough for 2022?
Police departments around the country are struggling to manage the large amounts of data they collect...
two men sitting in front of multiple monitors
SoundThinking™ CEO Ralph Clark on Accuracy and Our Commitment to Reducing Gun Violence
To our SoundThinking Customers and Communities: Over the past 25 years, SoundThinking has been at the...
a man in a police uniform standing in the street
Police Patrol Strategies: 4 Tips for Improving Outcomes
Tight budgets, recruitment challenges and community accountability have made patrol management increasingly...
a police line with police tape on it
Police Records Management Systems Vs. Case Management: What’s the Difference?
If you’re only using an RMS for your police operations, you’re losing key functionality when it comes...
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