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Leveraging NIBIN Leads: 4 Technologies That Can Assist
Speed and efficiency are more critical than ever when solving gun crime investigations, and one of the...
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Data Sharing is the Future of Law Enforcement
A magical source for all investigatory answers does not exist in law enforcement. In today’s world, where...
Grants for Public Safety: A Comprehensive Guide
You’re looking to add leading-edge, proven technologies as part of your comprehensive public safety strategy,...
How to Garner Grant Funding for Violence Prevention Efforts
The process surrounding grant funding, especially federal funding, can seem daunting and difficult. The...
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Weapons Detection Systems for Higher Education Schools
Security at college campuses often consider the implementation of weapons detection systems for schools...
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Peregrine Alternatives
The contemporary law enforcement agency relies on technological tools to optimize the utilization of...
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How to Manage a Narcotics Investigation
The United States has been afflicted with a drug use epidemic for many years, which makes managing a...
Best Touchless Security Screening at Hotels
Security professionals exploring optimal touchless security screening solutions at hotels should prioritize...
Is There More to ShotSpotter Than Meets the Ear?
In most instances when a city uses ShotSpotter, gunshots are detected, and officers quickly arrive and...
Visitor Screening Solutions: An Overview
Security professionals grappling with rising incidents of violence and evaluating visitor screening solutions...
THOR+ Earns Excellent Net Promoter Score in State of Tennessee
According to a recent customer feedback survey, THOR+ (powered by CrimeTracer) received a net promoter...
Weapons Detection Systems for Hospitals: An Overview
Healthcare security professionals, contending with the escalating incidence of workplace violence in...
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