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ShotSpotter changes corporate name to SoundThinking and launches SafetySmart Platform for safer neighborhoods

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COPLINK X Is Now CrimeTracer

Of course, we all know that change is inevitable, and for law enforcement, this is no exception. With that said, we fully understand that change can raise a lot of questions, and at no time is this more apparent than following a corporate rebrand. In April 2023, there were a lot of changes announced at […]

ShotSpotter Technology Improvements

This is exemplified in the constant improvements and feature updates for our ShotSpotter technology, otherwise known as our flagship gunshot detection product. In this blog post, we will recap several of the more impactful ShotSpotter product updates over the past couple of years for the ShotSpotter application used by officers to respond to shootings and […]

How to Build a Successful CGIC

A major obstacle investigators face is a lack of timely and actionable intelligence. There’s a saying, “If it’s not timely, it’s not intel.” Unfortunately, this deficiency can hamper the pursuit of justice for victims and undermine safety in communities. To address this issue effectively, the establishment of Crime Gun Intelligence Centers (CGIC) represents a critical […]

ShotSpotter® is Now SoundThinking™

I have some very exciting news to share: as of April 10, 2023, ShotSpotter, the company, will be known publicly by a new brand name. Our name will be SoundThinking™. Why change our corporate identity, and why now? Several reasons. As most of us know, law enforcement faces unprecedented challenges, including: Increased demand, driven by […]

Aiding Violence Prevention Efforts in Mobile, AL

That need pertains to the sharing of precision data about where and when gun violence occurs, so non-law enforcement organizations can provide prompt interventions to residents in need of services and support. While law enforcement rightfully plays a central role in ensuring public safety, including responding to incidents of crime, they should not be expected […]

Building Community Connections in Springfield, IL

In collaboration with local police, non-law enforcement organizations such as offices of violence prevention, schools, and city and county public health departments could receive gunfire data and analytics about where and when gun violence occurs, ensuring that appropriate community resources can be deployed to offer immediate and lasting support while helping address core issues that […]

ShotSpotter® is a Critical Tool in a Gun Crime Response Strategy

In cities across the country where gun crime has risen exponentially since 2020, properly addressing this crisis means creating a comprehensive gun crime response strategy focused on reducing gunfire and utilizing the right tools.  ShotSpotter, SoundThinking™’s acoustic gunshot detection technology, for example, is a valuable tool that alerts police to incidents of gunfire, most in […]

Link Analysis: An Overview

In the policing domain, these data points are usually people, locations, vehicles, property, organizations, and firearms. When visualizing this information, each individual entity becomes a “node” on the chart tied to other nodes by way of their relationships or “links” to each other. By leveraging link analysis, investigators are better able to establish meaningful relationships […]

CompStat Policing: An Overview

What is CompStat? At its time, Compstat policing was a notable shift from a more reactive type of policing (that is, primarily responding to crimes already committed), to a more proactive type of policing focused on identifying trends and crime prevention. With a focus on information-sharing, accountability, and improving effectiveness, Compstat focuses on four core […]

Introducing Data for Good: A Community-Based Program

Data for Good is a community-based program that shares precision data about where and when gun violence occurs so non-law enforcement organizations can provide prompt interventions to residents in need of services and support. According to the Annals of Internal Medicine, survivors of firearm injury have a 51 percent increase in psychiatric disorders and an […]